We rescue dogs of all breeds, sizes and personalities. However, we are quick at rescuing dogs at risk such as during calamities, pregnant dogs and new born puppies. We quickly respond for dogs posing a security risk to the population, wild and excessive numbers of stray dogs in a given community, and where dog owners willingly call in and request to rehome their dogs due to unforeseen circumstances such as inability to support the dog anymore, loss of interest and death of the dog owner.



We invite members of the public with the passion and potential to adopt dogs. Most popular types of dogs are available and ready for new homes. The dogs are well trained and they are bonded with at least one member of the family before it is brought to your home. For more information regarding adopting a dog, reach out to our customer relations desk at


Aggression remains a serious management and legal concern for dog owners and shelters. Housing dogs in social and spatial restriction have been associated with physiological changes as well as behavioural disturbances. Much as stray dogs interact and mingle freely with people, they are not obedient to humans compared to home dogs. Appropriate rehabilitation methods are thus needed for all dogs to co-exist among themselves and with care takers at the shelter. Specialist training in obedience and behaviour conditioning is therefore emphasised to new and old dogs at the shelter so that by the time of family adoption, re-union the ounce stray and wild is Man’s best friend


Sensitisation and Training of Dog Owners

A number of dogs in Uganda have social and behaviour disorders due to the ignorance of their owners about best practices to nurture royal, loving and obedient dogs. Some dogs are malnourished, sick, and traumatised not that the owners cannot afford to provide for them, but because they don’t know what to do about their dogs. PedDogs Uganda attempts to fill the high ignorance of caring for dogs by sensitising dog owners on best practices to raise and manage a happy and loving dog. These sessions are designed to educate and equip owners with the tools to manage their dog’s behaviour in the home and ensure long-lasting relationship between the family and the dog.