The countrywide lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19 has negatively affected Petdog-Uganda.  The shelter relied on surrounding Hotels, Bars and Night clubs for leftover food to supplement the packed food. However, with the closure of all hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs in March 2020, the shelter has had to rely on parked food to feed the over 50 dogs

Furthermore, as unemployment spikes and more people fall ill, we are receiving various calls from dog owners applying to rehome their dogs. Unfortunately, the shelter is limited by the operational budget, kennel facilities, and manpower to flex to the demand.  The Post-COVID financial hardships, illness, death, life stress, and other factors will cause high dog abandonment to which dog lovers should come up and support dog shelters during these un predictable and dark days for humanity and dogs.

In the meantime, PetDogs-Uganda is supporting families that are hard up with feeding their dogs. Please contact us at with the details of your dog, breed, card number and location. Please note that we are only in position to provide locally manufactured dog foods from East African Basic Foods and Maganjo Grain Millers. Indicate what your dog(s) may prefer.