About Us

PetDogs Uganda is a registered animal shelter that takes care of stray, abandoned and willingly surrendered dogs. The idea to have an animal shelter emerged from the passion the directors had for their domestic dogs and felt they would do something for the hundreds of stray / abandoned dogs in and around Kampala city.

The directors were pathetic of the approach Kampala city authorities used of indiscriminative poisoning of stray dogs. Furthermore, the poor disposal of dog remains to the general city garbage disposal area which caused bad odour to the garbage workers and homes nearby. Unfortunately, the few animal shelters in Uganda are purely commercial. They specialise in dog training, security provision, breeding services without offering an open window for dog owners who are challenged to keep their dogs anymore or sheltering stray dogs that pause a threat to people.

Cognisant of the challenges some dog owners find themselves in, such as; loss of gainful employment, change of duty station, transfer, expatriate / long term travel, vacation and death of dog lovers, PetDogs-Uganda sets in with an intervention to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and shelter abandoned, stray and neglected dogs in and around Kampala city.